Hi there.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:
I have a map with a “product code” input field, the user will fill it with product he wants and once he focus out of the field, the description of the product should appear besides the input field.
So I have to do a database search on the background, once the user focus out (tabbing or clicking), and then show the results on a output field…

I just don’t have any idea on how to use events with Natural.
Couldn’t find anything in the documentation…

Thanks in advance,

Hi Gabe

“Events” are not use in Maps but in Dialogs… do you by chance mean Dialog? :?

Hi Gabe;

As Michael said, “Events” exist only for Open Systems Natural.

However, even on the mainframe, there are ways to get something similar to what you want to see.

First, you could use a Selection Box which has both Product Codes and Product Descriptions, side by side. When the user selects a Product code (they would not be able to enter a code for this to work, thus this would be an output only field on the map), they would also be selecting the product description.

A second (and actually not very nice) alternative would be to have the user enter a Product Code, then hit a PF key. Now, in your code, you could test for the PF key and then MOVE a Product Description to a previously empty variable on the Map.

The problem with the latter approach, of course, is potential errors by the user as to when to use the PF key as opposed to enter.