Invalid CAB file

I try to install the FSM demonstration.
I have a problem when trying to deploy on the PocketPC.
The creation of the CAB file works fine. But the CAB file seems to be invalid on the PocketPC.
I get the message :

The file “\Software AG\install.CAB” is not a valid Windows CE Setup file.

I already installed the demonstrations (FSM and SFA) on another laptop, with another PDA but with the same model of PDA.

Some information :
- Laptop Win 2000 Pro SP3
- Pocket PC Fujitsu Siemens Loox with Win CE 3.0

Do you have any idea of what happens and how to solve this ?

Thank you for the answers.

you said you installed the demonstrations on another laptop and PDA. Successfully, I assume.

Do you use TMS1.1 Build 33?
Which jdk do you use on Server side? Did you set the environment variable JAVA_HOME? Does this appear in the TMS-Studio in Tools–>Setup Build Tools?

Did you set the “Path to Embedded Visual Basic (cabwiz)”? Don’t use the default, try to use the fully qualified path.
Do you have other Microsoft products in your Path variable, so that perhaps another cabwiz is used, not the one you expect.

On the PDA. Try to copy the cab file into another directory (e.g. Temp) and try to click on it and see if the error message is the same.