Deployment problems

This is a question from a Dutch colleague:

My question is about deploying and running an application on a Pocket PC. I have an IPaq Pocket PC H3800 device with windows Ce 3.0 and the Jeode 1.9 virtual machine installed on it. I’ve also created a folder “/Software AG” and installed the “miniflow.jar” there. When I compile a cab file(for example “Helloworld”) for the target “mini_engine1_0” and install it on the device. I see a directory structure “/Software AG/repos/” and a shortcut(My application) in the startmenu to launch the application. When I start the application by clicking the shortcut the Virtual Machine is started and in the console I’m seeing some messages about reading properties and at the bottom I see the message:“Accepting connections on port 80 Document Root:/Software AG/repos/myapp”. So far so good. Now when I start the browser and enter “http://localhost” in the address bar I get the following alert message when the device is in the cradle: “The page you are looking for cannot be found.” and when the device is not connected with the cradle I’ll get this message: “Unable to connect with current setting. To change your connection setting, tap Settings”. So either way connected or not I’m not seeing anything in the browser. But when I’m looking at the EVM Console I see something like this:

“**************************accept GET / HTTP/1.1

handle request GET / HTTP/1.1

CovigoProperties:getPropertyValue:Property: covigo.engine.logsdir not found

**************************done GET / HTTP/1.1”
When I tap refresh in the browser I see the same message in the console except for the Property message. I also see a “flow.log” file in the root of the device(see attachment). So it looks like the application is running and is getting requests from the browser but the browser doesn’t give any response. Do you now what to do, to get an application running on the device or do you have any tips for me? By the way I have no wireless LAN connection on the device only a connection through USB.

Christof Braun
Tamino R&D
Software AG

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Could you tell me what templates you are using within your Hello World project?
Also, could you send the project itself so that we can also take a look at it?


Christof Braun
Tamino R&D
Software AG

The HelloWorld project I’m trying to run is just the one from the sample projects(see attachment), which are included in Tamino Mobile Studio. The type of templates used in this project are the Rapid Data.

What I also forgot to mention is that when I try to run the application in the normal engine1_0 or I look at the templates in the emulator everything works just fine.



The reason why it was not working was that you cannot run rapid data prototype on the miniengine(only xsl & html). And for the mService app you need to install a version of TaminoMobileDB. When I did that everything works!!!