Cannot deploy to target=mini_engine; engine_1.0 and pJava OK

Try to do the training exercises ‘CONTACT_OFFLINE’.
Compilation OK. When deploy to target=mini_engine, it says ‘The system cannot find the path specified.’

The messages log is found below.
Any idea what is missing ! Thanks.

Entering C:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.5\MyProjects\contacts\contacts_offline_HK/…

Executing C:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.5\Studio\tools\build.bat -Dinteractive=true -Dtarget=Mini_Engine_1_0_cleanDeploy -emacs -quiet…

C:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.5\MyProjects\contacts\contacts_offline_HK>“c:\j2sdk1.4\bin\java” -cp “c:\j2sdk1.4\lib\tools.jar;C:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.5/Studio/tools/\ant\ant.jar;C:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.5/Studio/tools/\ant\crimson.jar;C:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.5/Studio/tools/\ant\jaxp.jar;C:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.5/Studio/tools/\ant\xalan.jar” -Dbuild.toolsdir=“C:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.5/Studio/tools/” -Dinteractive true -Dtarget Mini_Engine_1_0_cleanDeploy -emacs -quiet

Creating build script

********** Building Mini_Engine_1_0 **********

Preparing build for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Gathering project files for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Accumulating classes for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Building files for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Packaging files for Mini_Engine_1_0…

The system cannot find the path specified.

The system cannot find the path specified.


Total time: 18 seconds

C:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.5\MyProjects\contacts\contacts_offline_HK\dobuild.xml:527: exec returned: 1

Please have a look at Tamino Mobile Studio → Tools → Setup Build Tools; there please check,
if the “Path to Embedded Visual Basic(cabwiz)” is ok.
If not, have a look into “mservice additional info” entry in the forum. The document there has got an entry concerning that: see chapter 3.1.2

I hope this helps.