Deploy for MiniEngine

When I build and deploy for a Engine_1_0 it works but when I build and deploy for MiniEngine_1_0 it fails. What is wrong?

Entering F:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.0\MyProjects\Ole\Taminomobiletest/…

Executing F:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.0\Studio\tools\build.bat -Dinteractive=true -Dtarget=Mini_Engine_1_0_cleanDeploy -emacs -quiet…

F:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.0\MyProjects\Ole\Taminomobiletest>“F:\j2sdk1.4.1_01\bin\java” -cp “F:\j2sdk1.4.1_01\lib\tools.jar;F:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.0/Studio/tools/\ant\ant.jar;F:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.0/Studio/tools/\ant\crimson.jar;F:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.0/Studio/tools/\ant\jaxp.jar;F:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.0/Studio/tools/\ant\xalan.jar” -Dbuild.toolsdir=“F:/Program Files/Software AG/Studio3.0/Studio/tools/” -Dinteractive true -Dtarget Mini_Engine_1_0_cleanDeploy -emacs -quiet

Creating build script

********** Building Mini_Engine_1_0 **********

Preparing build for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Gathering project files for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Accumulating classes for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Building files for Mini_Engine_1_0…

Packaging files for Mini_Engine_1_0…

The system cannot find the path specified.

The system cannot find the path specified.


F:\Program Files\Software AG\Studio3.0\MyProjects\Ole\Taminomobiletest\dobuild.xml:528: exec returned: 1

Total time: 18 seconds

Ole - here is an answer from Covigo:

When you are trying to create a target for Miniengine, the TMS uses some 3rd party tools for creating the .CAB files.

The problem that you are facing is because you do not have these set correctly.

Open Studio. Click on Tools and select “Setup Build Tools”. This should bring up a window which prompts you for various things among which are
(a) Path to JDK and
(b) Path to Embedded Visual Basic (cabwiz).

Both these values need to be set.
Make sure that (a) point to the JDK1.3 home directory and (b) points to the directory “evb”. The directory “evb” should be available to you on the CD that we had given during training.

Christof Braun
Tamino R&D
Software AG