Deploy of FSM failure

I get a build failure when attempting to deploy “field service management.cvg” to the fsmsync repository using mini_engine_1_0 as the target. I’ve been following the instructions in fsm_setup.doc.

I’m using Studio 1.1 build 33. I have jdk 1.3.1_07.

On examining the build messages I see that it complains about not being able to find CABWIZ.EXE. Sure enough this file isn’t anywhere on my machine and neither is the directory “\Studio\Studio\tools\codegen\bin” which is referred to in the build message.

Here’s a snippet of the error message:


Set property cabwiz.path = C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino Mobile Suite 1.1\Studio\Studio\tools\codegen\bin

Set property cabwiz.exec.path = C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino Mobile Suite 1.1\Studio\Studio\tools\codegen\bin\cabwiz.exe

Set property workdir.path = C:\fsm\Studio\fsm.workdir

Set property outdir.path = C:\fsm\Studio\fsm.workdir\output

Current OS is Windows 2000

cmd.exe /c 'cd C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino Mobile Suite 1.1\Studio\Studio\tools\codegen\bin & “C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino Mobile Suite 1.1\Studio\Studio\tools\codegen\bin\cabwiz.exe” “C:\fsm\Studio\fsm.workdir\Mini_Engine_1_0\install.inf” /dest “C:\fsm\Studio\fsm.workdir\output\Mini_Engine_1_0”'

The system cannot find the path specified.

The system cannot find the path specified.


Can anyone help?


Karnail Jita
Software AG (UK) Ltd

Hi Jita,

do you use the FSA CeBIT version ?
Did you installed the package under “C:\fsm” ?
Does the cabwiz.exe exist under the specified path ?


Hi Ralf.

Yes, I did use the FSA CeBit version and yes it is installed under “c:\fsm”. However, Cabwiz.exe does not exist in the installed directory and under the codegen subdirectory there is no bin subdirectory.

I assume cabwiz.exe should have been installed as part of the Studio setup, so, can I copy it over manually?




the cabwiz.exe is not part of the TMS. You have to install it as described in

GettingStartedThickClient.pdf, page 27:

Before you build and deploy the offline application , make sure you have the right
utilities for generating CAB files. Install the eVB (embedded Visual Basic) to get the
CAB installer utility to build WinCE CAB files. Select ?Tools/Setup Build Tools? from
the menu to make sure that the path to the eVB directory is set as shown in the figure

You can find the eVB tools at: