Pocket PC Emulator

Hi all,

I’m trying to get running a demo for Tamino Mobile Suite, and actually the suite is working ok, and it seems that the demo is working ok too.
But we have no pocket pc device, we are waiting for a new one. So I need to use a pocket pc emulator.

I have installed Microsoft embedded Visual tools 3.0 and Pocket PC 2002 sdk. And with that software I have an emulation of a Pocket pc on my laptop, but I can’t find the way to comunicate this emulator with the Tamino Mobile servers just to check if the application developed with Tamino Mobile suite works.

Please, could someone tell me something about that?

Thank you in advanced,


If this is still a topic, here are some more information.

If you want to run the Emulation in Tamino Mobile Studio Debug mode, then you should define the emulation before via X-Ray. So start X-Ray and add Emulator e.g. name “MyEmu” and path is “C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\Common\Platman\bin\cepview.exe”.
Then restart your Studio and start debugging. If you start the debug session, then “select emulator” should be “MyEmu”.
You see “select a Windows CE device” then choose “Pocket PC 2002 Emulation”. Then you see the Device similar to the IPaq.

In the Emulator choose “Start” --> “Settings” --> “Connections” --> “Connections” and there choose “Work Setting” instead of “Internet Settings”. Then save with “ok”.
Then you can start the debugging session by starting the Emulator’s Internet Explorer and add the following address, whereby it’s important to use the IP-Address of your computer and port 9000, which is used for debugging, e.g. “http://123.456.78.90:9000/StartModel” then you can debug your session in the Emulator.

If you want to run your already deployed application, then you choose the same settings but use as address e.g. the following: “http://123.456.78.90:8080/repos/app

Hope that helps.

Waltraud Buettner