Adding New Emulator when Debugging

How do I add new emulator for debugging purpose?
Typically when I click the start debugging icon, I will be asked to select profile and emulator. So if I want to add PalmOSEmulator, what should I do?

Thanks & rgds

Usually you add an emulator by executing the Tamino Mobile X-Ray tool. Then you see a menu where you should choose “Emulator”, then check the “+” and then add the name of your emulator, e.g. “palm” and the path where the executable can be found. Then press “ok”.
Then you should restart your Tamino Mobile Studio and then you can see the newly added emulator when starting to debug your application.

For Palm Emulator there is an additional location where you should add the path to your executable, namely in the Studio → Tools → Setup 3rd party tool path → very last entry.

Hope that helps.