Unable to connect to Tamino DB from Tamino X-Plorer 9.7

Dear All,

I have installed Tamino 9.7 on Windows 7 and I am able to create and start the database (‘my-database’) via System Management Hub.

However when I try to access the database from Tamino X-Plorer 9.7 I do not see the database listed in the drop-down. I also tried adding the database name manually but I end put with the error as shown in attachment.

When I click on Help it says " as shown in attachment" where is the configuration file located to add HTML browser.

Any help is highly appreciated. Let me know if you need further details.

Mahesh, from the error, it looks like either Db is down or it is not ready to accept the connections. Please stop the DB and give a try.


As mentioned in the thread, I am able to create and start the DB (I can bet DB is up :slight_smile: ). What I see is X-Plorer is unable to connect the DB. Have you worked on Tamino XML server? If yes, kindly help me to resolve this issue.

Ok, cool. I don’t have Tamino in my local, sorry could not help out :frowning:


check out your options, file locations. You’ve attached several error messages without explaining where the occur, but they seem to point to a file locations issue for the Browser setting.


Browser Location
With this option, you can choose your preferred browser to display help. Uncheck the option Select default browser and select the preferred browser location. You can change the settings anytime.

Hello Douglas,

Thanks for response. I will add the browser settings for help!

To re-iterate, I am unable to connect to my database from X-Plorer. My DB is created and started on SMH. On X-Plorer in the Navigation tree when I right click on Tamino Server and Connect to, it shows server as http://localhost/tamino but it does not list my database in the drop-down list (I have attached same in the screen shot). I also tried manually adding the database name and tried to connect but it says "Server not available, Connection refused: connect). Do we have to do any changes in the config files?

Yes. Please see http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/tamino/ins97/xplorer/options.htm#options. You will likely need to set the environment variables XTSDIR and REGFILE. Restart SMH and the Tamino database after setting these environment variables.

An alternative is to change the “communication method” to HTTP and set a port number. You will need to include the port number in your URL. See http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/tamino/ins97/manager/Modify_database_properties.htm#dmdbprop_server_properties

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