connect tamino tools

Hi, i can’t connect to my tamino server per from the tools(x-plorer, schema editor etc.). In the dialogwindow, when i click the select button, i become a message “no list of databases available”, although all of the databases are running. --I can start my tamino server with, everything works well --the tools and the server are installed in the same location I don’t know what’s wrong. Help! mahusa

Hi Mahusa,
normally, Tamino uses a standard Apache with a port of 80, so your URL for the tools would be or even since 80 is the default port that gets tried. Did you change the default port during installation? You could check if Tamino is responding by issueing where you have to substitute a DBNAME, e.g. mydb, which you can see from the SMH.

thank you very much for your help