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I installed Tamino on server A. When I query the database on server A (which is the same one on server B) with ASP it doesn’t work, when I query it on server B it works. My scripts are located on another server.
During installation of Tamino I’ve chosen the default ports, but one of them (9900) was already in use so Tamino suggested to use 9902. This port is used for the System Management Hub. I can query the database directly from Internet Explorer or Interactive Interface and sometimes I can run my application, but after a few loads of data from Tamino it stops working (also after application restart).
Here’s a typical query I’m using (HOST_NAME is in this case crdedev02):


location = “http://”+HOST_NAME+“/tamino/ChangeRequest/ChangeRequest”;
ObjXMLHTTP.Open(“POST”,location, false);
ObjXMLHTTP.setRequestHeader(“Content-Type”, “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”);
ObjXMLHTTP.Send(“_xql=/Person[userid = '”+ userid.text + “’ and password='”+pass.text+“']”);

Do I have to specify that port number somewhere? Can I view the log files of Tamino to find out the cause? How?


Communication to Tamino is always done via the webserver which is normally port 80. The Tamino server itself listens on a different port which is automatically suggested by the Tamino manager when adding a database but this can be changed.

When you communicate to Tamino, the request goes to the webserver and the webserver realizes (if configured) that the /tamino path is a virtual one and redirects the HTTP request to a special module. For IIS this is modiis.dll and for Apache this is ApacheModuleIno.dll. So to see what is requests for Tamino are coming through, please review the respective webserver access logs.

If Tamino and the web server are located on the same machine no other configuration is needed because the module I have mentioned is capable of reading the registry to find the Tamino port number and contacting it. If Tamino and the web server are on different machines then additional configuration is required. See documentation “Configuring Tamino”.

And the files in the log directory of Tamino, they are of the Job Monitor? Or of the requests that were made to Tamino?
Do I need to specify a user when querying? Do you need certain rights on the server?
I checked the port in httpd.conf in it was set to 80.

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In the log directory of Tamino there will be lots of files with the extension .0G0 – these are Tamino job logs, e.g. when a db is started or backed up.

All requests go through the webserver and this is only place you will see the Tamino requests going through.

If the request for /tamino/ChangeRequest/… results in 404 the ApacheModuleIno.dll is not installed or configured correctly. A 200 means its worked and there’s another problem somewhere else…