First steps

Hello everyone,

I have just installed XMLStarterkit and am trying to make the first baby steps toward Tamino and XQuery.

I have succesfully created a DB and would like to insert an XML file into it. I have figured out that I need a collection name created by Schema Editor.

Can I just let Tamino determine the XML Schema through my XML file or do I have to create a Schema manualy in order to import the XML file?


Hi everyone,

Actually I have figured out how to import the XML file. Even the log files are ok and the DB says it has now about 10 MB space I am not really sure if everything went alright.

How can I see the content of my database? I can’t see any possibility under Tamino Manager.


Hello Houman,

please take a look at our web pages named “Welcome to Tamino” (locally on your computer), these can be found after you installed Tamino correct in your Star Menu of Windows.

The Welcome to Tamino is a local web-page which helps you with your “First Steps” and tells you a lot more about the Tools of Tamino and how to proceed.

I think this could help you to find an easier way to handle Tamino just from the beginning.

kind regards

You can use the X-Plorer



Hello Eric,
Hello Harald,

I have already tried X-Plorer but could yet figure out how to see the data until now. I got all the time an exception error and thought I do something wrong.

Finally I figured it out, this time after I got again the same error message, I clicked on ‘details’ and it says ‘Java.lang.OutOfmemory’

This means the data is definitly there. I had the same problem with other opensource XQuery solutions and could solve the problem by increasing the memory for Java VM Runtime to
-Xms768m -Xmx768m and then I had no problems.

How can I change the Java VM Memory allocation for Tamino, so I can browse easily with X-Plorer and do whatever I want with XQuery?

I tried already an select XQuery statement. It again crushed because of Memory problems. Only when I use the cursoring and limit the results to 15 then it works.

Any comments?


Hello Houman,
normally, the X-Plorer is started via a command script called inoxplorer.cmd under Windows. In there, you will already find parameters for the memory. Increase it to your liking (and physical memory settings).

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D

Hello Gerald,

Thanks for the tip. It works fine now. It still takes me about 10 min, but at least it’s possible.