Out of the box Stater Kit won't import a standard schema.

I am evaluating Tamino Server. I have (what I thought) was a simple scenario - which doesn’t work. Sorry if this is rushed, or the answer lies else where… but I only have 30 days to prove to my bosses this can work!!!
Here’s how it goes;

1. Install Tamino Starter Kit. Winxp - all went smoothly.

2. Open X-Plorer, create a new database and a new collection. Easy.

3. Download industry standard RIXML schema version2 from www.rixml.org. Easy to get just register. Same results occur for version 1 & 2 of the schema.

4. In X_plorer, right click on Schemas, chose define schema.

5. Select the file I downloaded in step 3. Then an error occurs!!!

6. Error is “java.lang.Throwable: TSD3/TSD4, This looks like an instance.” Action: Contact Software AG Support. (From what I can work out, these forums are the support? Ya?)

An here ends the evaluation! Can anyone guide me? I have a certain expecation that I can import the RIXML schema with no changes and start adding RIXML compliant documents. But if I can’t get past step 6 I will have to explore other options.

If I can resolve this issue, I hope to prove the ability to search and select subsets of documents and elements using XQuery/X-Query, via the Java API.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

Kind regards,
Andrew Stevens.

Hi Andrew,
Just to get your evaluation going again, can you use the Tamino Schema Editor to define your schema (instead of using X-Plorer)?
Hope this helps.

Hello Andrew,

first I wanted to have a look on the RIXML schema. But my registration did not succeed yet.

At minimum you will have to add some Tamino specific informations to the schema(s), before loading them into Tamino. Best use the Tamino Schema Editor.
- Add the schema name and the collection name.
- Create doctype nodes for all nodes that are to be root elements of your instances.
- Change the schema locations of the import statements (if any) to be relative “…/collectionName/schemaName”.
- First load the imported schema(s) to Tamino, later load the importing schema(s). Tamino cannot live with import references to unknown schemas.

If the schemas contain XML schema constructs that are not yet supported by Tamino, you have to convert them before loading them. This is a feature of the latest schema editor release, Tamino Schema Tools It is available from the Developer Community.

Hope this helps,

Hi Andrew,

I have downloaded the schema and successfully defined it in Tamino. The point is that you should use the Tamino Schema Editor. Just open the schema, the schema editor (version automatically switches to TSD4 view. You can the define the schema, and the schema editor will prompt for a collection, schema name and doctype. You then select a database, and define is successfully completed.