Tamino Schema Editor and X3D DTD

Hello Tamino Developers

I have a problem with the Tamino Schema Editor.
I want to load a DTD into Tamino. The DTD is
called “x3d-CoreProfile-autogenerated.dtd”.
With this it is possible to work with VRML and X3D
compliant 3D scene files.

My problem is, i get an error massage like this:

“Fatal Error:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError”

I’m using Win2k pro with 1GB of physial RAM and the Java task uses max. 80MB of the memory. Maybe it’s a question of the java runtime environment?
Please help i need this DTD to work with tamino.

Tanks for hints


1. which version of Tamino / Schema Editor are you using ?

2. could you post your dtd as an attachement in this forum ?

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Software Engineer
Software AG

i’m using the downloadable xml starter kit version
of tamino (i think it is v2.3.1).
this text is a caputure from
System Management Hub → Tamino → Version

- ProductCode INO
- ProductName Tamino Developer
- ProductVersion 2.3.1
- Usage Tamino XML Starter Kit II
- Component TaminoServer

the url for the dtd is:

thanks for help


I had a look at your dtd and tested it with Tamino 2.3 and 3.1. It is possible to convert this dtd to a Tamino 2.3 schema however I do not recommend this because of the complexity of this dtd and the limitations in Tamino 2.3 regarding dtd support.

Tamino 3.1 can generate an XML schema from this dtd which is much smaller and easier to handle than the Tamino 2.3 Schema (35 kB in comparison to 3 MB).

Thus Tamino 3.1 is the solution for you.

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Software Engineer
Software AG

For future reference, you may want to check out the Java documentation for “java”. In particular the -X options for configuring memory available to the JVM for stack and heap.

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