XML Spy with X-Plorer

Would it possible to Query as a parameter from Tamino X-Plorer to XML SPY?
I tried to customize a tools option of X-Plorer, but I could not view a xml instance at the XML Spy. Would someone have any information, which you could show me?


Hi Endo,

if I have got you right you need to customize XML Spy as XML Editor for your XML Instances?

To do so you need to customize XML Spy as follows:

Within the “Customize” dialog XML Spy needs to be added with
- Command: e.g. C:\Program Files\Altova\XML Spy Suite\XMLSpy.exe
- Arguments: $URL$
- Apply to objects of type: Instance

If this does not work or if I haven’t understood your Problem please let me know.


With XML Spy 5 and the new Tamino Integration, you can query directly from XML Spy and work with the documents stored in Tamino.

From XML Spy goto:

Convert | Tamino | Search

Here you need to specify your query string

Then specify the the database parameters in the Settings.

If you want to work directly with the documents specify the id of the document and retrieve it. This is done the Get File page in the same dialog that appears above.