Hooking up XML Spy with Tamino


I was wondering if any one has tried hooking up XML spy to Tamino. If so, could you please let me know how you did it? Is there any documentation on that? Please let me know if there is!

Thank you very much in advance,

We have tested the Tamino WebDAV Server with XML Spy. The WebDAV access does work with XML Spy 4.1 release.
Tamino WebDAV Server: http://www.softwareag.com/developer/webdav/default.htm
At the URL open dialog a Tamino query, or a Tamino http direct access command could be used too.


I am notable to found any information at above url.I installed successfully WebDavServer.I installed XMLSpy also.How to connect them.Pls give detail explanation.



There is an even more basic way of hooking up XML Spy with Tamino

If you select “Open URL” an then write or paste a Tamino URL into the selection box, you can read the tamino document into XML Spy.

“Save” puts it back.

With Save as URL you can save documents into Tamino.

Also you can write Jscript macros so I assume you could write code to do more interesting stuff.
Rather like the XMetal component written by Mike Champion


to work with XML Spy on Tamino documents, please
1. install Tamino WebDAV-Server
2. WebDAV-enable the collection that holds the documents you want to work on
3. install XML Spy (v4 works ok, v3.5 I think:yes!?)

Note: This description applies to version 4 of XML Spy.

Now, to open content from the WebDAV-Server use XML Spy Menu “File/Open URL”, as URL give the URL of your Tamino WebDAV-Server installation, like http://localhost/taminowebdavserver.
Now, press button “Browse”. The “Available Files” area should fill with the directories and files available from your WebDAV-enabled collection. Make your pick, and XML Spy loads it.

After you’re done editing, just use the save button. The file is then put back on the WebdDAV-Server.

Similiar operations should be available with any WebDAV-enabled program.

Best regards, Andreas