Tamino Mobile JNI for PocketPC 2002

Hello. I planned to do some Java demo with Tamino Mobile on an HP Jornada 565, with PocketPC 2002 and a StrongARM processor, and I have quite a few doubts about how exactly do it.

For starters, maybe I am mistaken, but is it right that there is no PersonalJava runtime for this platform? Or are StrongARM processors compatible with MIPS or SH3 processors?

If PersonalJava is available for StrongARM, then I will use it, I guess. But if not, then I will do an MIDP application on IBM’s J9 virtual machine, for which I guess TMO JNI API is not available.

So, since I think J9 supports JNI, it should be possible to call TMO; however I guess it won’t be specially easy.

Or maybe I can try to port TMO JNI API to J9 JVM.

So, in short: can I use Tamino Mobile JNI API in my Jornada, or must I do the JNI calls by myself?


Sorry, the Tamino Mobile Java API (JNI) is currently not available for PocketPC. The first version will be available in 2003. This is to due some important restrictions of the implementation from sun (personal java). Therefore we’ve choosen the jeode implementation, which is well proven and used by many vendors. A J2ME/CDC based version is also planed for 2003 but depends on available implementations. There is already a beta version available from insignia.

Best regards Ralf

Hi Ralf,

I’m using JNI with Personal Java 1.1 beta (available at Javasoft early access zone) so I don’t understand the restrictions you are talking about. :eek: Maybe you just tried the PJ 1.0 official release ?

I think it’s easy to port Tamino Mobile JNI dlls from Win32 to CE so why it’s so long to release ? We want to build a Tamino Mobile fully functionnal demo and we really want these JNI libraries. :rolleyes: