I am using Tamino XML server on Redhat Linux advanced server 2.1.

My Linux machine has come with IBMJava2-1.3.1. I have installed Tamino on this machine (and I have been working with this Tamino quite well from the last two months). Now I want to change my java from IBM to SunJ2SE-1.4. Is it safe to do it? I mean does it arise any problems in my working with Tamino?

Waiting for reply…

Best Regards,

Hi Gopal,
the Java components of the Tamino server always use the Java that is bundled with Tamino, in your case JRE 1.3. However, the JavaAPI and the Java Tools X-Plorer and Schema Editor were also tested with JRE 1.4 from SUN and should work fine. I do not know about the IBM port though, please let me know if problems arise…

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D