new api install

To install the new version of the Tamino API, have i only overwrite the old classes files?
Have the new api big changes that can jeopardize my previous works?I don’t want to lose my work…

ThanKS @nto

Which version of which API are you upgrading from and to?

If you are just changing from one release of TaminoAPI4J to another, you should recompile your code with the new jar files in classpath to see any deprecated classes/methods etc. But even if you don’t, your code should continue to work OK when you replace the old jars with the new ones in classpath. You should not have to handle API class files directly - just the jar files.

If you are changing from the old TaminoClient API to TaminoAPI4J then your code will need major revision beause the APIs are very different.


I’m using taminoapi4j provided with tamino (file dimension 297Kb) How can i see the version?


You say you are using the API supplied with Tamino but your original question said you were installing a new version. I guess then you are upgrading from Tamino 3114 to Tamino 3121?

If so, you are just migrating from one version of Tamino API4J to another as advised above. So you can recompile to see any deprecated classes etc, and you can execute your code using the new API jar files.

You can see the version of a TaminoAPI4J jar file by looking at the file “” inside the jar file (with something like winzip). For Tamino 3114, this has a line that says Specification-Version, and for Tamino 3121 it says Specification-Version But generally its enough to say “the TaminoAPI4J version that came with Tamino x.x.x.x)”.