invalid libjava

I’m trying to install Tamino XML Server 4.2.1 on a SUSE 10.0 platform, and I’ve tried minimum 5 different Javas, but each time I’m getting the error “no valid libjava found” and “invalid libjava”? Any ideas?

As far as I know, Tamino V421 is available on SUSE Linux ES 8 and 9, but not 10 yet.

Tried it with SUSE 9 as well, error is still there, but it seems to be no matter. But now I’ve got the problem, that I need the sagcom64-Tarball, which isn’t delivered with Tamino, although it is mentioned in the Instructions.

To install a 64-bit version of Tamino on SUSE ES 9, I believe you need Tamino V441 and a hardware platform from the IBM z-series (mainframe). Your distribution kit for Tamino 4211 is a 32-bit distribution. The libjava problem is probably caused by a conflict between 32-bit Tamino and a 64-bit JVM. It may help to discuss your exact needs with your local Software AG Customer Support Centre.