Problem about JVM

Hi, I have installed Tamino XML server4.2.1 and J2SDK1.4 to my computer, and I can compile and run my java program. But I can not use Documentation Search in Software AG Tamino XML Server 4.2.1, it always gives me a message like this:

Who can tell me what is wrong with my J2SDK1.4? And what can I do next? :? Best Regards, Angular

The problem is more to do with Internet Explorer. In IE, go to Tools menu, select Internet Options, then the Advanced Tab. There should be a Java item and under it there should be a item that says: Use Java 2 v1.4.2_06 for (requires restart) If the item is not selected then select it (which will require you close the browser and restart it). If it is not there then the installation of Java 1.4 did not install the applet plugin support into IE, or that option was not selected. I’ve found the best way to reinstall java is to deinstall it first. If Java support in IE is java 1.5 then the documentation search won’t work with it. Hope this helps.