Documentation: Java applets and internet


it is fine that the html-docs have been placed on the internet site (see the Documentation link on the top of this page). But the search does not work on the internet, because many companies have disabled java from internet (for good reasons!).

Could you please switch to another search mechanism (php?).

What do you mean: Java??? or J(ava)-Script?

If I understand the coding of the menu correctly, this thing is done in Java-Script. So there’s no “applet” needed at all.

But it uses layers. And this could be a problem with old or non-common browsers.

BTW: I didn’t try it, but I guess without Java-Script, this forum wouldn’t work.

I’m glad you find our Internet documentation offering useful.

The search definitely does work on the Internet, provided the user has not
disabled Java in his/her browser. However, we are aware that the
performance of the search software via Internet is poor, and we are also
aware that some customers may have reasons for disabling Java.
An alternative server-based search tool is available and we shall be
experimenting with it in the near future. The disadvantage of this
alternative is that documentation would not work directly from a CD-ROM
or if you just copied it to disk – you would need to set up a servlet (for
example in Tomcat).

The work-around for your problem is to download the documentation from
our web server onto a local disk, then check that your browser settings
allow local Java applets to run. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the
speed of the full-text search.

To answer Wilfried’s question: We are actively investigating another
search mechanism for our online HTML documentation.

Paul Croome
Software AG
R&D crossvision Services – Documentation