Documenting Natural Code

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know if there exists, somewhere or elsewhere, some tool to extract Natural Code and present it in a comfortable way, for example in HTML files.

Using other languages, I’m quite a fan of “In source” documentation, like javadoc in Java, and lot of other tools like that.

The aim would be to give a “browsable” view of the code in a library… so that many developers can have access easily to the structure of the code…

If it doesn’t (wow ? Nobody ? Sure ??), I’m sure there exists some way of doing it based on the backup utility… But I’d like to know… What is the structure of the three first lines for a given module in this backup ???

I hope I’m clear… and that somebody will answer me. I wouldn’t want to start something that I could find easily somewhere :wink:

Yes, I’m lazy…

I know you might look for a utility, but what we can offer today
from Software AG is Natural Engineer: It supports the automatic
generation of technical documentation from the source code, ** lines
from the program start can be added, other user documentation can
be added and all can be routed to a word document or html.



at the moment we are trying NaturalDocs

It hasn’t a configuration for Natural, but you can simply add this.

It has neerly the same Features as Javadoc.

Markus Wessjohann

Thanks for this info.
we plan also to integrate a “similar NaturalDOC” in our Natural Eclipse
Regards Karlheinz