Integration with Webmethod

Hi All,

I am very new to webMethods and we usually integrate application using WebMethods, however I have a different requirement.

I am trying to integrate webMethods with one of our IDM tools. Can anyone please guide me here, if we can use web-services to integrate with webMethods or does anyone tried this usecase before.

Please do let me know.

Hi Kirtika,

this cannot be answered with a simple yes or no without knowing further details.

You should check the documentation of the IDM tool if they provide any WS or Java API for integration.

Please provide the version of wM you plan to us here.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply.

We are planning to integrate with Webmethod 10.5. The IDM tool does support webservice connections and it has Java API exposed for writing custom logic.

My question here is, if WebMethods itself supports integration (WM talks to IDM tool) through web-service calls, if it has any API documentations and moreover what are the operations are supported in WM if the integration is possible.

In my scenario, the IDM tool is connected with various end systems like ServiceNow, SalesForce, HR systems through webMethods. We have to manipulate data to each of this endsystems without being directly exposed to them. We have to integrate with webMethods first and then do our job.
I hope I am able to describe the case a little. Please let me know in case you have any information.

Hi Kirtika,

hopefully, your IDM tool provides a WSDL for their API when they support webservices.

The same applies to the other systems like ServiceNow, SalesForce, HR systems etc. as well.

You can then import these WSDLs into IntegrationServer via Designer and do the neccessary transformations in your implementation.

Please check for the WebService Developers Guide for details.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for the clarification.

I am working as the IDM tool developer, so I have to work the other way round. Maybe, get WSDL from webMethod and import in my system. Due to that I am looking for the developer instance of webMethods / API documentation that WM provides.

Can you please guide where can I find this.

Hi Kritika,

in addition to the WebService Developers Guide already mentioned you might find the following documentation useful:

  • Working With Designer
  • Service Devleopment Guide
  • IS Built-In-Services Reference
  • IS Java API Documentation

webMethods itself is not providing a WSDL OOTB, you will have to create one based on your data model.
This one in turn can then be imported on both sides (IDM and IntegrationServer), depending on the role (provider/host vs. consumer/caller).