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I need all possible suggestions from you all - thanks in advance for your help.

Our requirement is to have communcation between CICS(IBM Mainframe) and webMethods and back to CICS in a reply request mode.

We need to invoke a webMethods service from CICS and get the response back to CICS.

What are different configuration setup we have to do on:

  1. IBM Mainframe
  2. Steps to perform in webMethods side to receive data from mainframe,

Mainframe should invoke a webMethods service and service should send the response back to mainframe in real time.


CICS (Don’t ask which version, check with IBM) can invoke a web service hosted on webMethods IS in request/reply mode. Also there are vendors that make adapters/infrastructure for the Mainframe to do this as well.

ShadowRTE (From Progress Software) is the webMethods preferred solution for doing this. GT Software is also a vendor in this space.

We have also used webM ISwith GT Software connection (via JDBCAdapter connection) to Mainframes (CICS & IDMS) systems.It works well though.
Try to explore on this route as well…


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If u got the documentaion or help to this can u please share with me please

Thanks in advance


We need to connect to IDMS database using WM (8.0) can you please let me know how to go about it? I did not find any information for IDMS on Empower or wM documentation.

Any pointers and suggestions will be much appreciated.


I replied to your PM

In the past we used tcAccessAdapter (by GTSoftware for IDBMS) they can provide required jars for JDBCAdapter use to earlier…not sure what with them now:


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