Problem in getting the Data from Mainframe


We are doing the publish integrations for mainframe, in this we get data from COPICS via a transaction service ,but CICS connection is unable to subscribe the data from COPICS.This is what the error we are getting from the logs…
2007/02/20-11:08:10.742 Error TxHostPool 18996 14 Request failed. File: …/…/txhostpool/src/Request.cpp, Line: 203, Hostpool ID: 12, Session ID: 12, Request ID: 17791, Tick Count(ms) 17795641, Status: 6

Mainframe version 6.1.1

and the the Transaction service name which is using the CICS connection is updated in COBOL program used by COPICS

The HostPool is enabled and the transaction service subscription is also done. we have tried to start and stop the session many times but of no use.



What exactly is the processing sequence? As I read your note, you’re trying to subscribe to webMethods Mainframe from COPICS.

webMethods Mainframe, running on the server, issues the subscription requests to the CICS Publish gateway transaction(WMPG). When a match is made between the document WMPG has stored in the Publish Document file and the webMethods Mainframe client, WMPG sends the document to the client.

Subscriptions can only be made between the WMPG transaction in CICS and webMethods Mainframe/IS server.


If you are tring to subscribe to webMethods then webMethods EntireX is one of the most robust service-enablement solutions available, mainframe testing providing truly bi-directional service wrapping of mainframe.

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