Error: class server.ServiceException

Hi all,

Please help.

Error encountered on the server!

Service: wm.Mainframe.Monitor:getTransSummary
Error: class
Message: Unable to retrieve transaction runtime information, java.lang.NullPointerException

I am not able to see any transaction through MIS admin page as the service getTransSummary throws above error.

Thanks in advance.


You don’t say what release levels you’re at. The configuration info is stored differently beginning with Release 6.0.2. This means if you’ve upgraded from 6.0.1, you have to convert the configuration to work with 6.0.2 and later. There’s a configuration upgrade document you should be able to get from Technical Services. webMethods Mainframe must be at the same release level as IS. Also, both Mainframe and IS must be started before you can see anything through the MIS Admin page. The fact you can’t see any of the transactions points to the lack of a connection between MF and IS. Can you see any of the IS status info on the Admin page? If so, then at least your IS is available. Hope that helps.


I met the same eror: class

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