Wm6 Mainframe question access to VSAMflat files

Someone has spread the rumour within our company that
webMethods 6 will have the capability to read/write VSAM (or
flat files) from/to a mainframe (eg. IBM 390). I don’t think
this is true but I just want to confirm.
I know that we can access mainframe CICS and IMS via the
webMethods Mainframe adapter and server. We can also access
DB2 on the Mainframe using the webMethods JDBC adapter.

Can anyone confirm whether this rumour is true or false ?




I’m not familiar with webMethods Mainframe functionality,
but WM 6 does provide new flat file capabilities that allow
you to specify a flat file schema, a dictionary to store
reusable flat file structures, a new “listener” to poll for
the presence of a file in a folder and handling services to
process the file and then move it to the appropriate result
folder (success or error).

Assuming you have file system connectivity to the mainframe,
the flat file features should be able to act on flat files
stored there. I do not think that would extend to include
VSAM files though.


am getting this err:
Host Communication Subsystem tried to process a transaction but pool had no active session with host system; Transaction failed with no message : Transaction=PITansaction (8004059c/0)

On the Webmethod Mainframe Integration server status of Hostpool sessions is :

Hostpool Sessions: PIHostPool
Session ID Detail Status Count Avg Proc Time Last Access Started Tracing
TILMANFR 64 Detail… Pending On 0 0 ms - Yes No
TILMAN2 65 Detail… Pending On 0 0 ms - Yes Yes

This is a new installation, and this is the first sample transaction we are trying to run
We are using CICS Sockets + TCP/IP connection + have uploaded and compiled 3 programs required for CICS socket processing

Can anybody help me ?