Mainframe adapter IMS connection pool

Hi All

I had a Query in WM6.5 developer addressed by my friend to me.

I have Mainframe adapter IMS connection pool (say: IMS1).
And lot of Mainframe Transaction Services(TXN1) talking to
Mainframe thru the IMS connect.

        We configure IMS1 giving the HostIP,Port, and DataStore in its properties tab manually. 
        We configure TXN1  giving the IMS name, and DataStore in its properties tab manually. 

 Query 1 on IMS1: 
        Now I need to set these properties(hostIP,datastore,port etc.) by using a property file values(a txt file in server disk). 
        (i.e. No manual entry thru developer). 
              [ or ] 
      If I can configure the IMS property thru the Admin console or so is also fine for clients. 

Query 2 on TXN1:
I have the ‘Data Store name’ as input for the TXN1 which I need to set it to the DataStore field in the property tab.

  Current Status: 
        I have written a javaservice which will take the Key Value 

pairs from property file and puts the values in a hashtable in WM JVM.

But I donno how to set the values to the corresponding fields in the propety tab of the service or IMS connect. 

The idea is to remove hardcoding of datastore from all the 

50services(the no keeps growing).
Currently all properties are set to development environment.
Now to deploy for Testing environment we do not want to
change anything thru the developer.

could you help us in solving this.


Open the Enterprise service tools and create an IMS SOAP Gateway project the IMS SOAP Gateway to set IMS properties and call the IMS application. Language Structure tab, like mainframe testing select the COBOL data structure that corrspounds to Use the default values for the other IMS Connect interaction properties and click Next may it help you .

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