NDM- Network Data Mover

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Can any one let me know that any document available to work with NDM-Nework Data Mover in webMethods?

I tried a lot and saw some threads in this forum but its not giving clear idea how to use it in webmethods.

If no document is there can any one give clear idea how to use it in webmethods step by step…
Its is very urgent for me.

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You’re unlikely to get step-by-step instructions here, just general pointers.

NDM (now known as Connect:Direct from Sterling Commerce) provides value-added file transfers. Probably the easiest way to interact with NDM from IS is to use FTP. Or simply use data exchange directories where both products drop off and pick up files.

If NDM provides client libraries (the literature implies that they do), you may be able to hook those in to IS to create and expose services to replace the built-in pub.client.ftp services for use by your integrations. If you use Trading Networks, you might be able to create a custom delivery method that uses the client libraries.


Thanks a lot Reamon, for ur quick reply…

One more request is, how to get more information about NDM usage in webMethods? We are not having any client libraries provided by NDM…
Is there any document in webmethods advatange site or any where else?
Please let me know is there any other way to get proper info…
I searched in the web but i got very less info which can give just some description of NDM but i need the usage in WM flow services…

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There is no documentation that I’m aware of that would guide the usage of NDM from within wM Integration Server. If there are no client libraries (jar file with documented classes/methods you can use) then I would suggest exploring an FTP interaction between IS and NDM. I assume you have NDM documentation that can provide information on how other appliations, such as IS, can interact with NDM.

Thank you Reamon, I will explore the FTP interaction…

Is there any built in services guide for Mainframes in webmethods?
We have Mainframe Developer and administrator guides…

Check Advantage for available documentation.