install nonxml indexer on Tamino 4.4.1


I’m trying to install nixe.sxp server Extension on Tamino 4.4.1, but I got following error:

“INOSXE7114: Java error: Errtext: 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.softwareag.tamino.nixe.SXSBlobIndexer'”

On previous version of Tamino (4.2.1) I have not this problem.

Any suggestions?



Hello Andrea

Two questions:
Do you have the non-xml indexer installed in a 4.2.1 database on the same machine in parallel?
When do you get the error message? During install or when you try to use it?

Best regards,
Julius Geppert

Hello Julius,

thanks for the quick response.

1- I have installed Tamino 4.4.1 on a machine and Tamino 4.2.1 on another machine
2- I got the error during the istallation.



I have also tryed to install tamino 4.4.1 and tamino 4.2.1 on the same machine, in this case when I install nonxml indexer on a 4.4.1 database I got this error:

“File ‘C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino Server Extensions\Java\xne.jar’ not found”
“Server returned error code : 7149”

(but I have the nonxml indexer installed)