Cannot Install "nixe.sxp" Server Extension on Tamino 4.2.1 (


I am facing problems in installing nixe.sxp server Extension; which is bascially used to create shadow documents for nonXML objects.

Following are the details

Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Tamino Version : 4.2.1 (Paris release)
Database: Welcome_4_2_1

Whenever I try to configure nixe.sxp server extension as mentioned in the documentation of nonXML Indexer, I got following errors:

Server returned error code : 9493 INOAAE0298

Server extension failed : INOSXE7126

INOSXE7149: Files for server extension ' SXSBlobIndexer' not stored : INOAAE0088

To test whether its a problem with the server extension, i created some user defined server extenstion. I was successful in configuring them !!!

Please let me know what am I missing in configuring nixe.sxp…


J Jaggi.


this is a problem that can occur with very small databases, e.g. Tamino’s Welcome database. The installing transaction runs out of journal space.

Please increase your database’s journal space, restart your database, and try again.


:cool: Thanks Michael for your suggestion…
I was successful in installing nixe.sxp after increasing the Journal space.


J Jaggi.