SXS Analyzer

I am under the impression that something is wrong with the SXS Analyzer:

1. I analyze a class: no problemo, the mapIn and mapOut functions are displayed,

2. I select the mapIn and mapOut functions: no error,

3. I Pack the Extension: the SXP file is correctly generated,

4. I install the Extension: I get this error message: INOSXE7126=Line 2, Column 1: INOSXE7104: Method mapIn could not be found in type library

This means that Tamino generates a SXP file he is not able to use :mad:

During Server Exteions installation, the description of the SXS (included as install.xml in the sxp file) differs from the binary (COM object or Java class) also included in the SXS Package File (*.sxp).
Please call the SOFTWARE AG support for this problem and send them the *.sxp to be installed.
Awaiting Your request, best regards, Michael