Error starting X-Tension Builder ( on WinXP

Trying to start with x-tensions today, I’ve got windoof error message :

"Die Anwendung konnte nicht gestartet werden, weil inoxbas.dll nicht gefunden wurde. Neuinstallation der Anwednung k

Are you trying to develop Java or Direct (C++) extensions?

I want to develop Java extensions!

There is a possible workaround for your problem.

You should be able to use Eclipse to develop the SXS extension in Java. You will need the sxsrte.jar file in Eclipse. The advantage of Eclipse is that you will get autocompletion with signatures for base methods.

The drawback in this approach is that the Install.xml is not auotgenerated for you. However, there are sample Install.xml files that ship with a Tamino installation that should help. In Java the Id is the package + class name. The method signatures in the Install.xml file are only those that are true SXS methods - any other methods should NOT appear here.

I have also attached a simple test program that I use as a basis for testing. It also includes a make script that gives you the basis for building a Java SXP file.

Please note that it is NOT possible to run an SXS outside of the Tamino environment. This is because all the basic functionality is built into the Tamino server. (1.33 KB)