Tamino X-Tension Builder is not working

Hi all,

I tried to run X-Tension builder but got the following message

This applicationhas failed to start because inotp.dll was not found. Re-installing application may fix this problem

I reinstalled but it didn’t work also. Do you have any idea about this?

Thanks you for your attention


which version of Tamino are you using? Please check the bin folder of your installation - it should contain inotp.dll.
Possibly your installation is damaged!?

Best regards


I’m sorry for replying late. I am using Tamino I guess you are correct my installion may be corrupted.

However, I have figured out a solution. I just manually zip the install.xml and my Java Trigger class file in an sxp file. I have successfully installed it on Tamino Serve. But I wonder whether this approach really works? What do you think?

I also used XPath in my Java Trigger. When the trigger is invoked, onInsert() function was called, I have the following error:

INOSXE7114: Java error: Errtext java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/xpath/XPathFactory

As I understand, xPath is in Java 4 and Tamino 4.4 support it. Do you have any solution for this problem?

Thanks for reading.

XPathFactory has been introduced in Java 5, so of course it is not found with Java 1.4.

Julius Geppert