help xslt installation

Hi, I’am an italian student. I can do my Degree examination on xml using Tamino. I do not know how to install these programs: jaxp.jar and the xslt processor saxon, I would like to use xslt. I can not understand the documentation on Tamino. I use windows xp with IIS.

Thank you very much


Thanks for your help. I do not know how to install these programs: jaxp.jar and the saxon xslt processor. I have already downloaded the jar files. I would use xslt with tamino.

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two questions:

  • do you want to use the Tamino XSLT Server Extension?
    (in general I recommend usage of XQuery instead - unless there is a
    constraint to use XSLT)
    Did you read the documentation in section

    X-Tension: Tamino Server Extensions
    Tamino Server Extension Examples
    Example: XSLT Server Extension

  • which version of Tamino are you using?

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Thank you for your help.
My Tamino version’s is 4.4 (the last version). I want to use the Tamino XSLT Server Extension for make visible on the web the xml data, like html.
I have read the documentation on Tamino, but I did not understand how to install jaxp.jar and the xslt saxon processor.

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just to illustrate how easy it is to accomplish the same using XQuery with serialization pragma see the example below which lists all collections in a Tamino database in an HTML table.
Nevertheless - an additional hint on XSLT server extension will follow.

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{?serialization method=“xml” media-type=“text/html”?}
declare namespace tsd=“

{ for $c in collection("ino:collection")/tsd:collection return }
Collection Schema Usage
{xs:string($c/@name)} {xs:string($c/tsd:schema/@use)}

thanks so much, I will try this example.

Best regards, Alessio

Are you able to install the XSLT SXS?

I suspect that it might have dependencies on the mentioned jars that you might have to resolve. I place them in the SXS Java directory and point any paths to there.

I am not able to install xslt on Tamino. how do I install jaxp.jar and the xslt processor? What is the procedure for installing these programs? I use last version of tamino on windows xp with IIS.

Thank you very much

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I think that you are supposed to install the sample XSLT.sxp. I think that you need to provide an instance of saxon (default) or xalan. The extra jars may be specified as part of the private classpath of the XSLT server extension.

Server extension documentation may be found here:

under “X-Tension: Tamino Server Extensions”

I put the files of xalan and jaxp.jar in CLASSPATH, then I tried to install the sample XSLT.sxp but I received this error:
INOSXE7114: Java error: Errtext: ‘java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/softwareag/ino/sxs/XSLT/XSLT$SxsCallbackException’


Please could you provide a zip of the ServerExtensions directory?

What does the following URL return as the version number?


or maybe: