INODSE1218 when starting the database

Following the StarterKit Tutorial I could start the demo database after installing Tamino. During the installation of X-Studio I had same problems. Therefore I deinstalled the StarterKit version and installed the Development version of X-Studio. Now it is no longer possible to start the database because of error INODSE1218.


sounds like the XTS Directory service is not working properly.

Please check, whether the file /etc/hosts which
can be found on a windows machine under


contains the following entry:

# Software-AG–Tamino---- SAGXTSDShost
The IP-address should be the IP-address of the
machine on which the XTS service is running.
In this case its the IP-address of localhost<BR>which applies when installing on a single machine.<P>If theres no such entry, edit file hosts and
add entry.

Then restart the XTS service. On Windows this
is done by switching to the control panel, folder
administration, icon services.

Restart the following service:

Software AG XTS DirectoryServer

Now you should be able to start databases.
If not, post here.

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Technology Consultant
Partner Engineering

The hosts entry is correct. There must be a different problem.

I suggest you post a more detailed problem description.

Support depends on detailed information, the more information about error messages you can provide,
the easier it will be to help you. Usually Tamino
throws more than just one error message.

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Technology Consultant
Partner Engineering

The SAG-support told me to change the hosts-entry for SAGXTSDSport to a very special IP-adress, which I was told actually is no IP-adress. Now the database starts. But X-Studio does not start any more (BOLISC0101).