IMS V 14.1 supported by which Adabas / Natural versions?

We are in the planning stages to upgrade IMS to V14.1
We have Adabas & Natural. Can you tell me which versions of each are supported? Our current Adabas config is quite old.
Started Task => DADA001
Version => ADAN01 00001 A D A B A S V8.2.3 is active

Started Task => DADA227
Version => Natural Global Buffer Pool Manager Version 425 (MVS)

IMS Message Region Example => DMSGREG0
+DMSGREG0: CINIT,ROLLF1,3380,300000,900
+DMSGREG0: Creation date: 1990/09/24 Volume: SYSM14(3390)
+DMSGREG0: 900 Blocks written. Block size is 23476.
+DMSGREG0: 1 Directory block.
+DMSGREG0: 13 Blocks per slot. Slot size is 305188.
+DMSGREG0: 69 Slots initialized. Roll file version 427.
+DMSGREG0: 2 Blocks unused.

Hi Melissa,
In Empower, at the bottom of the Product version availability page you’ll find a link where we
list what we support.
Adabas 8.2.3 is very old and we did not test the version with the latest version of other products.
You may thing of upgrading Adabas to a supported version.