Adabas and natural versions supported under z/OS V1R5

Does anyone know what versions of adabas and natural were supported on z/OS V1R5?

circa year 2003

In 2005 we were running Adabas 7.4.2, Natural 2.2.8, and z/OS 1.4.
We then jumped to Natural 4.1.3, followed by an OS upgrade to 1.7, then upgraded Adabas to 8.1.3.
That should give you some flavor of the versions running at that time.

Thank you. Adabas 7.4.2, Natural 2.2.8 - obviously way out of support, but does anyone know where I could get the Installation bits along with the Installation manual & release notes?

documentation at
For installable materials, you will need to have a valid maintenance contract in place. However, for something that old, there may not be installable materials available. Please contact your Software AG sales rep or open a support request at

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