Is it even still possible to get a version of Adabas&Natural for OS/390?

If so, how?

I am in Adabas version 7.4.4 in z/OS and already they tell me that I should make an upgrade for Adabas 8 imagine what the support will talk about a version of OS/390 - I believe they do not even make it available for download - only the support will speak

Which operating system version do you use?
In Empower you can see which Adabas versions, and actually all products, support which operating system version.

“Empower access is restricted to Software AG customers with active maintenance agreements and Software AG partners.” - I’m not currently a customer

Download Adabas is extremely difficult to find outside of Empower, who will have the image of Adabas on a PC, that version only Empower

The oldest entry I see in Empower is for Adabas 8.2.3 on z/OS 1.12.


Vendor: IBM
General Availability: 2010-12-30

Hardware: IBM
Platform Retirement: 2014-09-30

Op-Sys.: z/OS 1.12
End of Maintenance: 2014-06-30