Minumum versions on z/OS 2.4

Since Empower is still down, can someone please provide the minimum versions supported on z/OS 2.4 for:


Thanks in advance!



Hello Brian,

Please see in the following link supported versions:

Additional information could be found in the documentation here:

Eli Cohen

Thanks, Eli! These charts are helpful, and I have saved them as PDFs to my PC.

One last question about versions not listed (e.g., versions no longer on support). What is the maximum z/OS version that the following will run on (I know they aren’t supported - hence the wording):

Natural 8.2.6
ADABAS for zIIP 8.3.5
EntireX 9.10

We’re going to make the jump from z/OS 2.1 to 2.4 and want to know if we need to upgrade these first / simultaneously or if there is no dependency.



Hello Brian,

Please note that the PDF file will be updated from time to time, I do recommend also saving the link.
Once empower and the documentation will be back please use it as your main resource.

As for your second question:
Natural 8.2.6 supported z/OS version are 2.1 , 2.2.
EntireX 9.10 supported z/OS versions are 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
ADABAS for zIIP 8.3.5 supported z/OS versions are 2.2, 2.3

Please note that 2.1 is no longer supported by Software AG as well software AG’s products mentioned above.

Good Luck !


Thanks, Eli, for this information. It is exactly what I needed. I will plan to upgrade these products and all dependent sub-products to the newest version in time to upgrade z/OS to 2.4. Going to 2.3 is not an option for us even though that is IBMs recommended path because they no longer supply the complete 2.3 libraries.

Natural we still may go to 8.2.7 (with NCI 8.3.4) since it is supported longer than 9.1.1 will be and allows us to more gently roll out NaturalONE.

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