z/OS compatability check for ADABAS V8.3.1 and Natural V8.2.4

We have currently z/OS 1.13 with ADABAS V8.3.1 and Natural V8.2.4

Soon our team is going for z/OS 2.2 upgrade and I cannot find relevant information whether my current ADABAS and Natural still holds on z/OS 2.2.

As per Software AG doc, its mentioned like ADA 8.3.1 is compatible for z/OS 1.13 but not for z/OS 2.2 and for NAT 8.2.4 is compatible for z/OS 1.13 but not for z/OS 2.2

Is ADA 8.3.1 inconsistent for z/OS 2.2 alone, as its previous version are compatible with z/OS 2.2

Can anyone assess on how a latest version is compatible for old z/OS and not for latest z/OS.
We don’t have Software AG vendor support for our client.

The content of this list depends on the release of an Software AG product and the release of a new operating system release. Tests are only made for supported Software AG releases.
Adabas 8.3.1 has been released prior to the z/OS 2.2 release. However, Adabas 8.3.2 has been tested against z/OS 2.2 because 2.2 was available at the time Adabas 8.3.2 was released.
Hope this helps