ADABAS compatibility under z\os 1.13

hello everyone
i wanted to know if my adabas version (8.1.4) is compatible under z\os 1.13
or do i need to upgrade to a newer version prior to upgrading to z\os 1.13?

It may be “compatible” (as in: “may work”), but it is not supported,
only Adabas 8.2 is officially available and supported for z/OS 1.13

The product availability search in empower will indicate what versions are available & supported
on what platform, and there’s an extra IBM availability document.

thank you, you have been very helpfull

by the way is it possible to upgrade from adabas 8.1.4 directly to the latest release of 8.2?

yes, there should be no problem

Rainer Herrmann