Our company is in the process of migrating from z/os 1.9 to z/os 1.11.

Is ADA 7.4.4 and Nat 4.2.3 compatible with z/os 1.11. I will appreciate your response.

Adabas 7.4.4 is not supported on z/OS. It might work, but there is no support for it.

You need to be on Adabas 8.1.3 or above for z/OS 1.11.

Natural 4.2.3 should work, but if you encounter issues, you may need to upgrade to the latest patch (4.2.6).

Pl. refer the following excerpts from SAG-Germany to one of its CU.
SAG reply:-
ADABAS V7.4.4 is outside of maintenance and that version has not been tested in z/OS v1r11, although we assume that there should be no problems, we can not confirm that it works correctly.

Under our point of view, the best way to upgrade both environments is: Upgrade Adabas to v8.1.4 in z/OS v1r9 firstly then upgrade z/OS to v1r11.

In case of back-up to previous Operating System version you should have no problems inside the Adabas environment because ADAv814 has been tested in both z/OS environments.

Upgrading the z/OS release should not affect the operation in Adabas nor Natural if you back-out the z/OS.

But don’t forget to adapt Com-plete and Entire System Server to the z/OS version running (upgrade and back-out releases) because both products are using Operating System and JES2 Macros and Control blocks.
************** SAG reply ends *****

This CU has been running ADABAS-744 + NATURAL-414 under z/OS 1.11 (upgraded from z/OS 1.9) for almost 2 months without any issues.
But consult your area SAG Tech. Support, before finalizing the migration path.