Z/OS 1.8 and Natural 4.1.4

Good day,

Our intention is to upgrade our Z/OS operating system from 1.6 to 1.8. We are currently running Natural 4.1.4, Adabas 7.1.3, Predict 4.4.1, ADASQL 2.3.1 and Construct 4.5.2. Is there anyone that has done this?
Have you experienced any problems in doing this?

Your input will be much appreciated.


We migrated from z/OS 1.7 to 1.9 with ADABAS-7.4.4/NATURAL-4.1.4 with no major issues. However, it is recommended you check the roadmap in SAG-ServLine24. For ADABAS-7.4.4 there were ZAPS for modules ADASVC & ADASIR which were applied as pre-requisite for z/OS-1.9