Natural & Adabas whats new documentation

I would like to know wether there are whats new documentation since Natural 4.2 and Adabas 5 on mainframes.
I am going to work again using this software.
Thank you very much for your help.

Adabas is at v8.4.2. Natural is at 8.2.7.

I see in your Community profile that you have access to these documentation pages, but they contain Release Notes only for recent upgrades.

  • Adabas v6 - unavailable
  • Adabas v7.4 - available
  • Adabas v8.1 - unavailable
  • Adabas v8.2 - available
  • Adabas v8.3 - available
  • Adabas v8.4 - current

Natural jumped from v4 to v8 (no v6/v7) and v9 arrives in October.

  • Natural 8.1 - unavailable
  • Natural 8.2 - current