Natural Version

I want to know the Natural & ADABAS version at my shop.
I got below details using SYSPROD command but still I am not able to find the correct version.

  • Product Name V/R SM Date
    NATURAL 2.2 8+ 99-04-22
    ADABAS ONLINE SERVICES 7.1 2 01-08-20
    ENTIRE System Server 2.2 1 00-04-17
    NATURAL for DB2 2.3 4 97-10-26
    NATURAL SECURITY 2.2 8+ 99-04-22
    SUPER NATURAL 3.2 2 00-01-24
    NATURAL CONNECTION 2.2 8 97-10-26
    PREDICT 3.4 2 99-04-22

Natural has following versions:

Natural 8.2.5 for Mainframes 04/2015
Natural 8.2.4 for Mainframes 10/2014
Natural 8.2.4 for Mainframes (German) 04/2014
Natural 8.2.3 for Mainframes 06/2013
Natural 8.2.3 for Mainframes (German) 11/2012
Natural 8.2.2 for Mainframes 04/2014
Natural 8.2.2 for Mainframes (German) 01/2012

ADABAS has following versions

 Adabas 8.3.2 for Mainframes	04/2015 	 
 Adabas 8.3.1 for Mainframes	04/2015 	 
 Adabas 8.2.6 for Mainframes	04/2015 	 
 Adabas 8.2.5 for Mainframes	03/2013 	 
 Adabas 7.4.4 for Mainframes	09/2009 

I am unable to relate information from SYSPROD to the version mentioned above.


Hi Ashish,

SYSPROD is just telling it how it is. Your site is running Natural V2.2.8, last seen in the wild at the turn of the century and out of support for a long, long time.

Your Adabas version is probably the same as Adabas Online Services (V7.1.2) but the best way to confirm it would be to look at the DDPRINT output from the database nucleus job/task where it will be listed.

The documentation for these versions isn’t available on the Empower web site as they haven’t been supported for about 15 years. Documentation for unsupported version can be obtained by contacting Software AG support. This assumes, of course, that your company has an active support contract, though, going by the versions you are running, I suspect that you don’t.

Sounds like you need the services of a software archaeologist. :wink:

Cheers, Graeme