Upgrade Win OS version running Adabas/Natural

We are now using Adabas V6.2 and Natural 6.3.8 running on Win Server 2008r2.

We are planning to migrate to another new Win Server 2019.

Are there anyone out there who has tried that - or anyone who can point to a roadmap describing the steps necessary to achieve that goal.

What are the compatible version of Adabas/ Natural for Win server 2019 ?
Could you please provide me the link for downloading Natural and Adabas

I would be thankful for any hints and advices.

The minimum compatible Versions are Adabas 6.7.1 and Natural 9.1.2, but both NAT912 and NAT913 are out of (basic) support by now so the version to go with is 9.1.4

This information is available from Empower via Products & Documentation → Product version availability.

Use the SAG Installer, also available via Empower, to download and install these versions.

Hi Wolfgang Winter,

Hi Wolfgang Winter,

  1. If we are to migrate existing Adabas version 6.2 to 6.7.1, any compatible issue ?
  2. If we are to migrate existing Natural version 6.3.8 to 9.1.4, any compatible issue or do we request to modify coding (example : syntax, display map, dialog….etc) ?

Thank you for your advices.

I have never heard of compatibility issues with Adabas, one usually runs the adacvt utility to upgrade the internal structures to the new version and that’s it.

For both products this is a BIG jump in versions, I personally don’t know of anyone having done it directly, so you might want to file an incident with SAG support and ask for experiences and heads-ups.

While you can still use Natural Studio the preferred way is Natural ONE, so there is more to consider than just the upgrade, btw.

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