Migration AIX4.3 - AIX6.1


We have Adabas 311 and Natural 412 running on AIX4.3.3 platform. As the infrastructure is really old we need to migrate our programs to a supported version.

Has any of you experience on doing this kind of migration?

Entirenetwork and broker are also involved and also running on yhos AIX 4.3.3 hosts.

Many thanks in adavance,


Occasionally you hear about someone upgrading SAG products from ancient versions to current, but it’s rare, so I wouldn’t expect to hear many experiences.

Check the Release Notes to see if it is possible to upgrade directly from Adabas 3 to 6. An intermediate conversion may be necessary.

It’s been too long to remember specifics of the Natural 4-5 upgrade. I would install version 8 and perform a CATALL CHECK to see what syntax errors pop up. You may even be able to execute your v4 applications without a CATALL.

Regarding AIX, I have a bit of experience with TL updates, but not version upgrades. SAG has always been very good at minimizing the effects of OS upgrades, so I would expect your AIX upgrade to be transparent to Adabas and Natural.

I recently upgraded a customer on Solaris with Adabas 6.1 and Natural 6.1 to Adabas 6.4 and Natural 8.3.

There was a conversion step for the database in this case, but there were few issues with either Adabas or Natural. For Adabas 3, there will need to be an intermediate upgrade to a release between 6.1 and 6.4 before upgrading to 6.5.

Thank you so much!

Maybe this is nonsense, just in case, is there any supported OS where we can just deploy these old versions, Adabas 311, Natural 412, Network, … and avoid migration?
We are worried abot the migrations as we are afraid some knowledge on the code itself is needed…

Natural, Adabas, and your applications may run without issues under AIX6.1 (or even 7.x). Why not try it?

However, I would recommend some level of regression testing.


We are trying installing adabas311 on AIX6.1. Found this error when doing cfgadx…

root:/>/etc/methods/cfgadx -l adx0

sysconfig: loading /etc/drivers/adadrv please wait …
sysconfig: single load failed 8

root:/usr/SAG/ada/v31143/driver/adadrv433>lsdev -s adabas -C

adx0 Defined N/A

Method error (/etc/methods/cfgadx -l adx0):
0514-008 Cannot add an object to the device configuration
sysconfig: single load failed 8

Maybe there is a way to make it work?
Many thanks in advance,

Hi Elena,

without knowing details. There are basically two easy ways to upgrade to the current versions of Adabas.
First, please consider AIX 7.x due to the availability of AIX 6.1.
Now to the task upgrading Adabas

Option 1:
Use the utility ADACVT of Adabas version 6.6. It converts the structure to run with the latest Adabas version.
You may want to do it on a copy of your database, just in case.

Option 2:
Create a new database
Use ADABCK restore function of Adabas 6.6 to load the data into the new database.

Consider to adjust the option Adabas offers e.g. database auto expand and the new Adabas Manager.