How to uninstall MWS 8.2 SP1 Fix 17


Any idea on hoe to uninstall the MWS 8.2 SP1 Fix 17?

I cannot do it from the Update Manager (Cannot see it there) and in the Uninstall section of the readme only the following appears:

"7.0 Un-Installation

Due to fixes for security vulnerabilities, My webMethods Server 8.2 SP1
Fix 8 and later cannot take advantage of the Software AG Update Manager
un-installation feature."

Thank you.

Try the procedure and see if this helps;

Procedure 1:

  1. Complete or sStop all running processes and tasks on the
    machine running My webMethods Server.

  2. Stop My webMethods Server.

  3. Restore the My webMethods Server database and file system
    backup taken before installing the fix.

  4. Start My webMethods Server.

All data and functionality is reset to the system status at the
backup time.

Procedure 2:

1 Complete or stop all running processes and tasks on the
machine running My webMethods Server.

  1. Copy the fix file MWS 8.2 SP1 Fix 17 to the machine
    on which you want to uninstall this fix.

  2. Open a command line.

  3. Use the cd command to change to the directory to which you
    copied the fix file.

    For example, if you copied the fix file to the following

    c:\fix_download directory

    Use the following command:

    cd c:\fix_download

  4. From the command line run the following command to start
    uninstalling the fix.

    java -jar MWS 8.2 SP1 Fix 17 -installDir <webM_dir>
    -action uninstall

    Where <webM_dir> is the webMethods installation

  5. Start My webMethods Server.

For the case that this Fix is the first one being installed on this instance only Procedure 1 will work.

This is stated in the Readme for the Fix and the UpdateManager should give this notice prior to the installation of the fix.


Thank you for the replies.

However I do not understand which jar is in the command you posted at Procedure 2.

I have received from SAG a zip file with the content from the attached image.

Could you please clarify this?

Thank you.